Cecilia Fragoso | Paralegal

Cecilia was born in Durango, Mexico, where she graduated from Law School in 2012. She holds a Master´s Degree in Diplomacy and Internacional Affairs from the Diplomatic School of Madrid, Spain.
She came to Michigan in late February 2019 to work for the Consulate of Mexico, was in charge of the Cultural Affairs Department and also colaborated at the Legal Affairs Department, providing consular and legal asistance until february 2022.

Previously, she worked at Premier Destination Services, Company located in Mexico City, where was responsable for overseeing visa and immigration processes for Multinational Corporations in Latinamerica; the Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee, WI., as a Legal Assistant, coordinaring the Initiative for the Comprehensive Care of Women whose objective is to empower migrant women and protect their rights.

Cecilia has also experience working with International Organizations, such as the International Organization for Migrations (IOM-UN), where she did and internship and SB Brussel Overseas, volunteering in Lebanon with Syrian refugees.

At our firm, Cecilia is in charge of Immigration Court Cases such as Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Convention Against Torture; Cancellation of Removal, and Permanent Residency applications.