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How Can We Help You


Marriage Visas

Obtain Permanent Residence based on Marriage.

Work Permits

An Employment Authorization Document allows an immigrant to work in the USA.

Permanent Residence

A legal residence status that allows individuals to live and work permanently in the USA.

Deportation Defense and Representation in Immigration Court

Representing and advocating for immigrants facing deportation in the United States.

Jail Visits and Bonds

Scheduled visits with clients who have been detained and representation for bond- related matters.

Family Visas

A Visa that legally permits the out-of-country family of a Citizen or Legal Resident to immigrate to the United States.


Assistance with the application to become a U.S. Citizen through the Naturalization process.

DACA Renewal

Obtain a work permit if you entered the USA before turning 16 years old and meet other eligibility requirements.


A waiver to forgive a specific immigration violation and grant permanent residence.


An application to remain in the USA for fear of persecution in another country to which one would be deported.


Request an appeal or motion to review an unfavorable decision by immigration.

Advance Parole

A travel document to travel outside of the USA.

U Visas

Visas for victims of crimes suffered in the USA who are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in investigating or prosecuting criminal activity.


Victims of Domestic Violence may apply for permanent residence.


Temporary Protected Status is granted to eligible nationals of designated countries to reside and work legally in the USA.

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